Friday, 31 July 2009

Every gig I've Ever Seen #29.Ege-Bam-Yasi.

Ege-Bam-Yasi. Stirling Uni 1984

Another Allnighter.

Ege-Bam-Yasi were named after a Can album and consisted of a bald bloke in leather troos, stripped to the waist ranting over a backing track of metal bashing beats accompanied by a Dominatrix clad harpy, wailing away. He was smeared in baby-oil and she started whipping him. He got a nasty smack across the head and it really made him flinch but he battled on. Weird. They got mentioned in the NME every now again.

I wandered into the folk room full of people lying on the floor, stoned, and a guy playing a Neil Young song with a very pissed bloke bawling into the mic trying to sing along. “Helpless, helpless, helpless!”. “Aye, hopeless,” came a voice at the back. Scots humour.

Rip, Strip & Fuck It played one song before the whole evening was cancelled when the police arrived following a stabbing somewhere at the party. Irate pissed people arguing wi’ tha polis. Now they have gun amnesties, but back then a stabbing was quite rare. It was a shock. The Real World could be ugly.

Allnighters were stopped after that.

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