Friday, 31 July 2009

Every gig I've Ever Seen #26. The Bluebells.

 Bluebells Stirling University 1983

My first term at Big Skool. Went with Craig who was my next-door neighbour in Halls. We’d met when I’d asked him how big an A4 piece of paper was (meaning the actual dimensions) and he went “about this big” holding his hands out like a fisherman. Doh! Anyway, he was my age (19) and into the same bands, which was a result as everyone else was 17 and away from home for the first time ever, pissing away a student grant. In those days fees were paid through taxes and you could claim dole money and rent during the holidays! Thatcher put an end to that and Phony Blair did the rest. It’s weird now to meet 30 year olds who are still paying off loans and debts from their student days. Education was/is a right so when Blair went on about “education, education, education” you just knew he was a c*nt...

I digress. Pathfoot Hall was the University’s concert venue and original refectory. They had all-nighters once a term. Townies came in so it had a mix. People from the real world. Some of them probably living a False Consciousness. Or so it said in our books.

The Bluebells were a Scottish indie-pop band in the vein of Orange Juice and had been on TOTP with “Young At Heart,” (which made Number 1 years later after being used in a VW advert). Nice, clean, ironed check shirts, tidy haircuts, jangley guitars. What happened to The Clash?!

And that was about it. Lots of milling about, getting progressively drunker into the wee hours of the morning, watching the rugby lads dancing to bad disco.

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